Community Owned. Local News. Burke County, NC.

Aren't newspapers an endangered species? What makes The Paper different?


It’s no secret the newspaper industry has struggled as unprecedented consolidation has placed the fate of local journalism in many communities into the hands of a few national companies (like Lee, Gannett, Paxton). Greed, layoffs, pay cuts and consolidation have gutted local coverage.

Without local journalists, there is little substantive coverage of events, activities, and issues of everyday interest and importance in small communities.

Community newspapers, especially those still in the hands of local owners, have bucked these trends. Consequently, the value of the estimated 5,000 community newspapers continues to grow as they serve over 150 million readers who are informed, educated, and entertained by a community newspaper every week, according to the National Newspaper Association Foundation.

The Paper fills the news void in Burke County created by the decline of the local daily newspaper at the direction of it's out-of-state owner. We’re just going back to the basics and giving Burke County’s residents what they have been asking for —- thorough, responsible, unwavering and dedicated local news.