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Valdese Rec Center bowling action


Youth bowlers take to the lanes in the Valdese Recreation Department’s Saturday morning league in the lower floor of the Valdese Rec Center in these Jan. 21 photos. The Rec Center offers the only bowling lanes in operation in Burke County. Among the participants in this year’s league are Virginia Andersen, Ayla Briggs, Eva Briggs, Cooper Carter, Bishop Dula, Deacon Dula, Natalie Hubbard, Destiny Jacquot, Braxton Kirkland, Camden Kirkland, Dawson Kirkland, Mason Kirkland, Paisleigh Kirkland, Loreali Mason, Eli Mason, Quinn Mason, Aubree Seaman, Jett Sholar, and Locke Sholar.


The Valdese Recreation Department also offers two other unique youth sports options for the county now and in the coming months. Athletic supervisor Jonathan Carter, who was previously part of a successful recreation youth volleyball program in Horry County, has been instrumental in starting up a new volleyball program in Valdese, something he feels “has been lacking in the Burke County area for a really long time.” Registration recently ended and practices start this week. 


Director David Andersen said the Valdese Rec Department hopes to get a youth tennis program up and going in the early spring.


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