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Editor's Picks


A regular reader of The Paper dropped by our offices earlier today. Pearl, who has lived in the area for decades, brought with her two young ladies – one a recent graduate of App State and the other her friend set to graduate next year. Pearl said The Paper was a must-stop to give her young friends a sense of what the area is all about. That is exactly what we strive to be – a news source that truly reflects our community. Thanks, Pearl. 

And now on to my Editor’s Picks. 

As a newcomer, I was surprised to learn that two Burke municipalities provide electricity to their residents. Staff writer Saydie Bean looked into the background of Electricities and how Morganton and Drexel use revenue from the service to fund projects. 

America celebrated its 248th birthday last week and planning is underway for the big 250 in 2026. Senior reporter Marty Queen talked with Travel and Tourism Director Ed Phillips about the local America250 Committee, which he chairs. If you want to get involved, Marty’s story will tell you how. 

Fred Schuszler has written columns for The Paper since we first published. His writings are sometimes hilarious and sometimes informative. His column on July 6 was particularly special. Please put it on your reading list. It’s one you might want to cut out and keep.

History and sports buffs will enjoy sports editor Paul Schenkel’s look back at Post 21’s Area IV title from 1994. He talks to some of the players, including Blaine Mull who still owns his jersey from 30 years ago. 

And don’t miss the story on 1A about upcoming housing developments planned in Morganton and Valdese. This story is the tip of an iceberg we will chip away at later this month. How’s that for a cliffhanger?

Lastly, thanks to all the Pearls out there who depend on The Paper for local news. We are writing just for you.