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Editor's Picks

Another week has begun and the newsroom is in full-on warp speed. But let's all slow down for a minute, and look back at the week that was. The June 8 edition of The Paper was stuffed with meaningful content. 
But first: Some last-minute Breaking News from Valdese: Valdese Man Arrested After Five-Day Hit-and-Run Investigation. Read the Story.
Not read the last edition? Here are my must-reads to get you started.
If you want to feel better about the future: Read Christopher Pedro's column in the Opinion section. Christopher, a rising senior, has brought the youth voice to our pages since the very early days of The Paper. We are proud of his being named the North Carolina recipient of the Billy Michal Student Leadership Award. Read the Story.
If you enjoy a good head-scratcher: As part of our municipal coverage, staff writer Saydie Bean wrote a story about the latest Valdese Town Council meeting. They decided to cut costs by eliminating health insurance for councilmembers yet also raised their stipends to help them cover the costs of purchasing insurance on their own. Read the Story.
If you want to read about a Burke legend: Editor Emeritus Bill Poteat gets barber Tommy Sain to open up about his 40 years of cutting, trimming, and shaving more customers than he can count. Read the story.
If you like hard-work-pays-off stories: Patton High School announced that its all-time leading scorer will now lead the Panthers' boys basketball team. Dax Bostian started playing when he was 4 or 5 and has honed his skills ever since. Click to read.