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City of Morganton Challenges $705,000 Verdict in Bella Vino Case with New Motions


The City of Morganton has filed several motions challenging the $705,000 verdict in the Bella Vino case. The motions, filed on June 7 at the Burke County Courthouse, seek judgment notwithstanding the verdict, alterations to the judgment, or a new trial.

  • Post-Trial Motions: Morganton filed for judgment notwithstanding the verdict, alteration of the judgment, or a new trial.

  • Verdict Challenge: The City is asking to change the verdict, reduce the $705,000 award, or grant a new trial.

  • City's Argument: The City claims the evidence is insufficient to support the jury's verdict and that the award was speculative and influenced by passion or prejudice.

  • Previous Rulings: The City had previously sought a directed verdict on several counterclaims, which the court granted, except for breach of contract.

  • Summary Ejectment: The City also seeks relief from prior rulings and a new trial regarding the denied summary ejectment against Bella Vino's owner, Emmanuel Manolakas.

  • Potential New Trial: The City requests a new trial on all issues if the motions are granted.

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