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Cacao Ceremony at Breathe Yoga and Wellness

Join us for a cup of ceremonial cacao - a sacred plant ally that empowers you to tune into your heart center. Ceremonial cacao is different from what you will typically find on grocery store shelves, and is a protected indigenous plant medicine (non-psychedelic). This beverage is made from pure non-GMO hand ground organic cacao from trees protected by Mayan elders in Guatemala. We will be honoring this medicine and each other, as well as the Mayan traditions from which it originated. This ceremony will be interactive, and we will discuss the benefits of cacao as well as the Mayan daily energies to better understand ourselves and foster connection with each other.
Cacao is a plant ally that can replace your morning cup of coffee. It has 126 phytonutrients and the highest level of antioxidants of any plant medicine, high levels of magnesium, has theobromine (gentle, longer sustaining energy than caffeine) and leaves you feeling elevated bliss with an open heart.
***Please bring your own mug to this event***
Sarah Spinelli is a yoga teacher and spiritual explorer with over 10 years of experience working with the practice of yoga, as well as 3 years of experience working with herbalism and plant allies. She has her RYT-200 from Indra Yoga Studio in Fort Myers, Florida and was trained in cacao from Mayan elders through the Mayan Wisdom Project. Yoga, meditation, and plant allies have deeply impacted the way Sarah engages with the world, and she finds deep fulfillment in cultivating safe communal spaces to share wisdom and experiences with others. Sarah additionally is a coach and executive trainer with a background in stress resilience coaching and leadership effectiveness.